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The following routes are suggestions for exploring the back-roads and attractions of West Virginia.


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WV Ride 1 -  Part A    Part B    Part C



Petersburg Loop 1 - Part A    Part B




WV Ride 1 - Part A


This ride begins in Berkeley Springs in the eastern panhandle along the West Virginia / Maryland border and proceeds southwest through scenic farmland, mountains, winding roads, famous landmarks, and more.  Although the route leads to Marlinton, there are several places along the route where you can stop for the night if you are stopping to enjoy the scenery, hiking, or taking lots of photos and going at a more relaxed pace.


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WV Tour 1A.jpg







WV Ride 1 - Part B


Continuing where WV Ride 1 - Part A left off in Marlinton.  If you are on an extended ride and wish to extend your riding loop south, continue on this ride.  If you are on a limited excursion and need to head back north, you may join WV Ride 1 - PART C by following this:  head north out of Marlinton and watch for the Cranberry Wilderness Scenic Highway Rt 150. This road loops around counterclockwise and ends up on Rt 39/55 westbound from Marlinton. Follow Rt 39 through Richwood and Nettie and on to Summersville, where you can pick up Part C.


Part B winds its way south through the coal fields of WV. Along the way, you can stop to see Bramwell (once the "Richest Town in America"), Coalwood (home of the "Rocket Boys"), the New River Gorge Bridge, and other interesting landmarks. Rt 16 is one of the most popular riding routes in southern West Virginia. 



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WV Tour 1B.jpg






WV Ride 1 - Part C


Continuing where WV Ride 1 - Part B left off in Fayetteville, this route continues north-east through rugged valleys and lots of twisty roads. Along the way, see the transition from the southern coalfields to the farms of the Eastern Panhandle. Visit the Philippi Covered Bridge, site of the first land battle of the Civil War.  Take a short hike to Blackwater Falls, one of the scenic icons of West Virginia. Finish in Petersburg, where you can stay overnight then continue in any direction as you head home. 



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WV Tour 1C.jpg







Petersburg Loop 1 - Part A


This is the first half of a scenic 120-mile loop beginning in Petersburg and riding the South Mill Creek Road, and visiting Spring Run Fish Hatchery, Germany Valley Overlook, and Spruce Knob (highest point in West Virginia).  The roads are all paved (except some hard-packed gravel sections in the parking lot at Spruce Knob summit), and range from relaxed scenic riding to very twisty mountain sections. 


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Petersburg Loop 1 - Part B


Continuing on Petersburg Loop 1 - Part A at the summit of Spruce Knob. After descending, we will travel a narrow backroad through part of the ridges surrounding Germany Valley. Then, after another fun run over the mountain on Rt 33 towards Franklin, we will explore Smoke Hole Road before returning to Petersburg.





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Friendsville MD to Petersburg WV


Starting in Friendsville MD and ending in Petersburg WV.  Lots of narrow, but paved, back roads with no center line.

Also plenty of 2-lane highways with great scenery and lots of curves.


For those of you who may have ridden this route previously, the Accident-Friendville Road just outside of Friendsville is now blocked with a cement barrier (June 2017).  They had been doing construction on the road.  If you follow the route I have outlined on the map below and follow Bear Creek Road out of Friendsville, you can pick up the ride report in Accident MD.



Read the Ride Report Here






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