Down Home Diner

Kingwood, WV


300 Tunnelton Street

Kingwood WV 26537

(304) 329-6122



My wife actually discovered this one when she was in Kingwood for a meeting and the group ate lunch here.  It's a little hard to find unless you are actually looking for it.  The easiest direction is to go to the CircleK gas station on Rt 7 (near the court house) and turn south onto Tunnelton Ave and go back about 3 blocks to Chestnut St, where you will find the diner.



39* 28.160' N

79* 41.408' W


From first appearances, you might think about turning and going back to McDonalds. DON'T!



Like I said, you may be tempted to just keep driving past.

Don't judge a book by the cover.





The building was originally a Chevrolet dealership.





Not what I was expecting!  Nice and clean, and full of friendly people.





Beth got the Sloppy Joe and fries with bay seasoning.





Since Kingwood is home to the Preston County Buckwheat Festival each fall,

I went for the obvious.  Delicious!  All you can eat for $5.50.





You're not paying extra for fancy menus.







Great food - reasonable prices - very clean! 

We'll be back!



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