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Old Philippi Pike


CR 23/9from Anmoore southeast to Rt 57


I had a few hours after work one day last week and decided to ride out of Clarksburg on the Old Philippi Pike. It was a beautiful (but chilly 40*) afternoon, and the weather forecast was for rain the next 4 or 5 days. I took advantage of the opportunity and jumped on the bike.




Coming out of Clarksburg through East End, most traffic turns left at the old Union Carbide plant.

The Old Philippi Pike continues straight ahead, passing under I-79 and going past the old

C&P Telephone warehouse my dad worked at.





In the 1970s, Chesapeake & Potomac (C&P) Telephone operated out of this large warehouse. They were part of Bell Telephone before the huge breakup.My dad worked with them over 40 years.

I remember driving out to pick him up after work if he worked overtime and missed his ride.





Continuing out past Anmoore a couple of miles, the scenery suddenly changes to old farms.






This farmer has all of his/her hay rolled up in large bales for the winter.






Lots of old barns and sheds along this road.Definitely a trip back in time.






Trinity Methodist Church and cemetery.







West Virginia Fruit & Berry is a family owned and operated business specializing in jellies, jams, wines, and other goodies.

They are located just over 4 miles east of the old Union Carbide (just past the Trinity Methodist Church). Take Exit 117 off I-79.





View inside the West Virginia Fruit & Berry shop.They also package and mail West Virginia-made products as gifts.


Their website:††






Continuing on Old Philippi Pike.Relaxing ride. Just what I needed today after work.






Another scenic old barn.







Yes, another picturesque old shed.






A nice old barn just begging to be photographed.





Another view of the barn with some dried cow-parsnip.






The Brushy Fork area.






I made a new friend today.This goat was pretty interested in my motorcycle. Maybe he was deciding if it was edible.

I donít have any idea why the forked stick is fastened around its neck.






Only in West Virginia.OK, how many cinder blocks high would you perch YOUR trailer?

Yikes Ė it looks like itís already leaning quite a bit. Love to be in there on a windy day!!!






Some nice curvy sections of road to keep it interesting.






And yet another old shed.






After about 10 miles (and shortly after crossing into Barbour County), the road narrows to 1-1/2 lanes

and now is CR 18 (Stewartís Run Road). Itís about 3 miles from here out to Rt 57.






Narrower road, but still paved.







Past some old farms.






Past some fields. The sun is just going down, so Iím watching for deer.







I love this huge tree. Itís hard to tell, but it is about 100 feet behind the bike.






The end. The Old Philippi Pike comes out on Rt 57 just before Elk City.Rather than take the main highway back into Clarksburg, I decided to turn around and ride back the same route I came.

I love exploring back roads!Hope you enjoyed it too.




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